Vallco Town Center Specific Plan, Cupertino, CA

Adopted in 2018. CDI was responsible for the public involvement process for the 55-acre specific plan for transforming the Vallco Shopping Mall into the new town center for Cupertino, CA, home of Apple Inc. The project had a long history of contentious politics. Opticos and CDI successfully engaged hundreds of community leaders and members in two, week-long charrettes. The result was a Specific Plan that was adopted by City Council.
With Opticos Design

2019 Merit Award winner California American Planning Association

Memphis 3.0 Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive Plan draft completed for public review. CDI was responsible for the development of the public involvement and local capacity-building process for this city-wide comprehensive plan project. CDI trained Memphis staff and three local firms to facilitate a year-long set of meetings and charrettes across the city.
With Opticos Design

Winner, 2020 Daniel Burnham Comprehensive Plan Award

Bill Lennertz led the following projects for the National Charrette Institute:

Strategic Plan Update, St. Mary’s Food Bank, Phoenix:

Completed in 2016. NCI used the NCI Charrette System to facilitate a top-down, bottom-up restart of the stalled strategic plan for the oldest food bank in the U.S. The result was not only an activation of a set of five initiatives but also a transformation for how the organization’s leadership and staff work together.
With National Charrette Institute

The Capital Corridor Plan, Lansing Michigan

Completed in 2015, a vision plan for the 21-mile Michigan Avenue/Grand River Avenue corridor. The plan included seven jurisdictions a major hospital complex and Michigan State University. The Tri-County Regional Planning Commission adopted the plan on the last day of the charrette. Sparrow Hospital began a major expansion in accordance with the plan within months of the completion of the plan.
With National Charrette Institute, Dover Kohl and Partners

Memphis Fairgrounds Public Engagement

Completed in 2015. NCI lead a team to help the Memphis community come together to provide a voice to the ULI panel concerning the controversial repurposing of the Fairgrounds site. NCI facilitated four public workshops across the city and created a website to gather public input. In total over 600 people participated online and in the events. The results were summarized in a report that was delivered to the ULI panel for use in their study of the Fairgrounds site.
With National Charrette Institute, PlaceMatters

Arapahoe Square Neighborhood Plan, Denver, Colorado

Completed in 2013, a neighborhood plan for the disinvested social services area north of Downtown Denver. The plan featured architectural and urban design strategies for integrating social services into a mixed-use neighborhood. The resulting plan became a component of the Denver Downtown Plan approved by City Council.
With National Charrette Institute, SERA Architects

Center City Plan, Norman Oklahoma

Completed 2014. NCI was asked to facilitate a civil community process for a contentious debate over the form of neighborhood infill projects. NCI was able to reestablish trust among the parties though a series of tours, meetings, interviews and a five-day charrette. The resulting Form-based Zoning Code was approved by City Council.
With National Charrette Institute, Opticos Design and Alta Planning